Welcome to Bryn Gunning Sleep Consulting, 

I am a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant.


Known as the light sleep stage, the child feels drowsy and can still be woken up fairly easy.


Once the brain gives the signal for all muscles to relax, stage 2 brings a slightly deeper, slower breathing sleep.


Known as  ‘slow wave’ sleep, during stage 3 it’s harder to be awakened, often times little ones talk in their sleep during this stage.


The deepest sleep is found during stage 4, also considered ’slow wave’ sleep. If awakened  most children appear to be confused for several minutes or ‘out of it’

Private Consultations

Need a handcrafted easy to follow crystal clear plan to meet your child’s needs? Private consultations by certified sleep sense consultant Bryn Gunning will walk you through the process teaching you all the necessary skills to form healthy sleep habits.

Sleep Sense Philosophy

Sleep Sense™ has a proven way of helping children sleep better and has supported over 80,000 families around the world in establishing healthy sleep habits for children. This rooted belief insists that a well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn.

Group Seminars

Bryn hosts Sleep Sense™ seminars that provides a very relaxed comfortable environment formed by small groups of parents work together to solve their children’s sleep problems by developing a personalized sleep plan amongst other activities.

Hi, I’m Bryn.

Certified Sleep Sense Consultant.

I’ve got a four year old son and a two year old daughter and a heart full of love. I am a sleep sense consultant and a social worker. I specialize in working with sleep deprived parents who want to feel more joy in their lives.

I am an animal loving nature enthusiast who loves to hike, bike, run, read and laugh. But when they were little, my babies loved to cry, which was fine, or so I thought. But as the weeks turned into months, endless months – it wasn’t fine anymore.


Welcome to Bryn Gunning Sleep Consulting, lead by Bryn Gunning, Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, operating on the fundamental belief that healthy sleep habits certainly make for healthy children.

I will teach you the stages of sleep and a healthy sleeping method that has help 1000s of families just like yours with the tools needed to get your newborn, toddler, child or teenager sleeping straight through the night.